Runny Race

In science 4/5 stone had to do a test. We had to test the viscosity of oil, water and honey.

I thought that the water would be the fastest, the oil as the medium speed, and the honey as the slowest. Guess What! I was wrong. The fastest was the oil with 19.68 seconds. The medium speed was the water with 21.80 seconds. The honey was the slowest we don’t have the time because it took soooo long.

First we had to poke a hole into the bottom of three plastic cups. Then  we poured  the water, honey and oil in each cup  (with our finger over the hole) making sure that the amount of each ingredient is equivalent.

Then we had to remove our finger from the bottom of the cup. As we removed our finger we also had to get someone to record the time.

If your interested in doing our experiment here is the Materials and Ingredients.

  • Honey
  • Oil
  • Water
  • 3 cups
  • A pair of scissors (to poke a hole in the bottom of the cups)

Enjoy experimenting!!!!

P.S this is messy!!

Hunted house



first click on the blue hunted house word above.

once that opens then all you need to do is click the pictures and they will hyperlink you to another slide.

So are you up for the challenge to find the easter eggs?



Hi I’m Jen I’m sitting at home waiting for mum to cook dinner. Andrew my older brother is sitting next to me, we are watching a TV show about life on planet Mars.

“Dinners ready” yelled dad,  “Coming” I yelled back,

“What’s for dinner” Andrew asked, “Vegetable pizza” mum yelled back, “Has it got broccoli in it” I asked, Sure does mate” dad yelled back, “Great just what I want” I sarcastically replied.

I’m at the table in the kitchen I decide to trick everyone that dozer our dog is in the kitchen. Everyone turns around and I quickly slip a piece of, broccoli on everyone else’s plate 3 down 4 to go.

I take a bite of my pizza. I put a piece of broccoli in my mouth. I suddenly remember that I have my handkerchief in my pocket. I pretend to sneeze Aaaccchhhooo! I spit out the broccoli into my handkerchief, 4 down 3 to go.

I take another bite of my pizza. Now I scoop up a piece of broccoli with my spoon. I go to eat it but I purposely make it fall into my undies. It doesn’t fell amazing but it will do, 5 down 2 to go, I finish the rest of my pizza. I can’t put a piece on Andrews plate because he’s already finished. I see dozer some how he got in I give dozer a piece, 6 down 1  to go.

I put the last piece of broccoli into my mouth. I get up to go to the toilet. “Where do you think your going” dad growled. I slide the piece broccoli onto the left side of my mouth. “to the toilet” I  say a slimy green wet bit of the broccoli right in front of mum. “Don’t you dear let her dad she’s just gonna spit it out” said Andrew. “Jen you swallow that broccoli this instant then you can go to the toilet that’s the deal”. Said mum. What kind of deal is that ( Obviously its the kind that parents make up so we have to do things.) I close my eyes all I think about is desert. It could be raspberry pie or home made chocolate ice-cream I’ve never had ice-cream so creaming and delicious in my life or how about sticky date putting. I open my eyes and the broccoli is gone. Dad pulls out a large bowl. I close my eyes 3 2 1 I open my eyes custard I hate custard.


Swimming carnival.

sophieOn Thursday the 3rd of march was the swimming carnival. It was great fun. The races were freestyle, back stroke and breast stroke. My friend came first in a couple of events here’s a picture of  her. The novelty events were the donut race, noodle race, cork scramble, teacher and parent donut race. And to finish the day off we had a free swim. And howard won the most points for the day, but they only won by one point so if potter had more people join in we could have won or came a draw.

Queensland day three

Hi guys today we went to sea world.

I went on the Jetski rescue where you sit on a jetski like thing that has a bit, that you pull down and it makes you stay on the ride then you, hold onto the handle bars and the ride only goes for like 30 secounds.

I also went on the Viking where you sit in a boat that is, shaped like a dragon and you go around some bends then you go, up a ramp then around  some more bends lastly, you go down another ramp and get soaked, its just like western falls.

Tahni and I also went on spongebobs boating school, its were you sit in a boat and you start by going up a ramp then you tern some corners then you do the whole thing again.


Queensland day 2

Hi guys yesterday was a lounge around day all we did yesterday was go shopping and swim in the pool.

We all bought a pair of goggles and I bought a hat and a realy cool singlet that has a dog on it.

The rest of the day we went into the pool and in the games room. The games room has a pool tabel, table tennis, air hockey and arcade games it also has a couple of vending machines.

Queensland day 1 of the fun

20160226_193253~2Hi guys

Today we went to movie world and here’s a photo of me on the green lantern! I’m the one in the back on the left. It was great fun.

Mum and moppy didn’t go on any rides but gemma went on most of the rides that I went on. I also went on the westen falls.

Have any of you been to movie world and if you have please tell me about your trip☺




Queensland gold Coast

Hi guys

After we woke up and get ready we left at 9:00am

Then we picked up gemma ( mums friend )at 9:20am. After that we all had to sit in the car for 2 hours, when we got to the airport we meet moppy (moppy is dads mum it took half an hour befor we could bord.

It took 2 hours to get to the gold coast, after we got here .the first thing we did was jump in the pool!

Now were chilin out in our apartment. After that were gonna chill out in the pool for a bit longer. 

And that was today!! Fun fact: Queensland is 1 hour behind.